Company Profile

Company Name
Starts Corporation Inc.
Date of Establishment
March, 1969
Date of
September, 1972
Shared Capital
11,039,484,667yen(as of September,2014)
Board of Directors
(*Representative Director)
Chairman and CEO / Hisaji Muraishi*
Vice Chairman / Hirotaka Sekido
Vice Chairman / Kazutaka Kawano
President / Kazuo Isozaki*
Senior Managing Director and CFO / Mitsuo Otsuki
Senior Managing Director / Toyotaka Muraishi
Managing Director / Hideyuki Naoi
Managing Director / Manabu Nakamatsu
Managing Director / Tarouo Saitou
Director / Tamotsu Naoi
Director / Takahiro Hasegawa
Part-time Director / Kazuhiro Sasaki
Part-time Director / Ryouzou Ooya
Outside Director / Kousaku Yoneyama
Full-time Auditor / Yasuyuki Kawakami
Auditor / Tsuneo Nakayama
Outside Auditor / Yasuo Tago
Outside Auditor / Yutaka Maehara
Managing Executive Officer / Hisayuki Muramatsu
Corporate Executive Officer / Genzi Ishida
Number of Employees(whole Group)
7,015(as of April, 2016)
160,174 million yen
(consolidated results for the fiscal year ended March 2016)
The business management of all group companies as well as all incidental business activities as a holding company of the Starts Group.

[Activities of Starts Group]
Property Management/Construction Consulting
Real Estate Sales/Brokerage
Sale and installation of housing Fixtures and Fittings
Publishing and Media
Residential Facility Related
Financial Consulting
Elderly Care Support
Real Estate Franchise
Overseas Business
STARTS Yaesu Chuo Bldg. 3-4-10, Nihonbashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 103-0027, Japan   MAP