Corporate Philosophy

“People are everything, the heart is all”

Since its foundation, Starts has diligently created wide-ranging businesses while striving to grow each customer interaction into lasting relationships.

We strongly believe in <people> power since that is the primary reason we, as a corporate group of more than 80 companies with about 8,000 employees, have been able to energetically pursue a variety of business opportunities without restructuring or streamlining.

The finest hospitality we provide to our customers is guaranteed by our personnel policy which adamantly refuses extreme rationalism in today’s competitive corporate world where <cutting staff> is rampant, and we put the right person to the right position so they can make the best use of their individual characters, talent, and good nature.

<People> dedicate themselves to their work; put their <hearts> into every endeavor.
“People are everything, the heart is all.”

This fundamental spirit of Starts has never and will never fade away.
As we conduct our business, we are always hoping to be <people> who can produce a lasting impression in the hearts of our customers.

Focus on People

Our management begins with our philosophy, "people are everything, the heart is all." This means that we value the connections between people, and aim to utilize the right people at the right time to offer customers the utmost hospitality. One example that embodies this concept is our active support of sports and cultural activities as shown in the images below.