Our Services in Japan

Service that Creates Abundance of Life and Culture

In order to propose the optimal usage of real estate and land, we provide a one-stop solution that covers fields such as construction, real estate management, and tenant recruitment. They form the foundation of our company. In addition, we provide services such as asset management, financial services, publications about lifestyle and community, hotels and leisure, and administration of nursery schools and facilities for the elderly. It appears as though this covers a wide variety of services, we will always strive to abide by our principle of offering abundant cultural living spaces. Our services are mutually associated, realizing a continuous relationship with our customers. This is why we call ourselves "Comprehensive Life and Culture Corporation."


From proposing land utilization to design and construction

We propose community-based land utilization and offer asset management consulting services. We are also making efforts to expand the use of seismic isolated buildings that protect both the building itself and its residents from earthquakes. We support the entire building process in-house, from design to construction management.

Real Estate

From real estate brokerage to condominium development

With nearly 1,000 locations (including partners), our nationwide network meets our customers' living and real estate needs. Also, through selling buildings from large condominiums to single-family houses, we are able to handle a diverse range of lifestyles. For corporate customers, we provide CRE solutions and offer a corporate housing management service.

Property Management / Security

Property Management

Office, residential, and commercial properties management

We currently manage 680,000 residential buildings, 150,000 parking lots, and over 2,000 office buildings, commercial facilities, etc. Our facility management service is supported by our own automatic security system (BILCOM). Property management is the foundation of our stable business performance.


Development of card key/home security services

We offer card keys conceived and developed from a rental management business point of view. Additionally, we have developed and are managing our rental property security system.

Finance / Consulting

From securities and trusts, to redevelopment and PFI projects

We offer asset management consulting services and J-REIT management, utilizing the accumulated knowledge from our real estate business experience. We also handle urban redevelopment and PFI projects, such as "Shinozaki Twin Place" and "Nishiarai Project."

Publishing / Media

Transmission of unique content over an extensive market

We deliver new lifestyle information through different media including monthly and free magazines, cellphone novels, and our OZmall website, which has 3,300,000 users. We are actively promoting events to strengthen our marketing strategy.

Hotels / Leisure

Development of hotels, Japanese inns, golf courses, etc.

We offer unique hotel services in various locations, from hotels in metropolitan areas, a quality hotel in Okinawa, and a Tokyo Disney Resort Partner Hotel, to well established Japanese hot spring inns.

Elderly Assistance / Childcare

Promotion of community-based and comprehensive welfare services

Focusing on Japan's falling birth rates and aging population, we manage and operate more than 100 locations, from nursing homes and elderly housing, to licensed nursery schools. We also offer elderly facility introduction services centered in the Tokyo metropolitan area.