Residential and
Property in Japan Since 1969

STARTS is a Japanese real estate agent company
doing business around the world.
For overseas investment institutions, individual investors and
foreign residents, we offer property information to buy,
sell and rent in Japanese cities and resort
such as Tokyo, Osaka, Fukuoka, Sapporo, Niseko and Okinawa.

Our Services

Buying / Renting

Buying / Renting

Buy for investing

to whom someone may consider
invest properties in Japan.


Area example

Tokyo, Osaka, and other major
cities with unique demands near
famous corporations or universities etc.



Buy residence for your
second home and villa

to whom resides in Japan

Expatriates, Students

Area example

Tokyo, Osaka, other major cities
and resort areas.



Sell your property

to whom already has own property in Japan
and wants to sell

Property owners

Area example

All areas in Japan.

Condominium, Building, Hotel,
Distribution center,
regardless of the type of property, we handle as a
“one-stop service” for everything from loan
simulation before purchase to property
management after purchase.


  • Area

    We recommend urban centers with high occupancy rates where people congregate.

    • Tokyo (23 wards), especially in ward of Minato, Chuo, Chiyoda, Shibuya, Shinjuku and Bunkyo. 
    • Major cities:Osaka, Sapporo, Fukuoka, Kyoto, Nagoya, etc. with unique
    • Properties located within 10min-walk distance to the station.
  • Cheaper than overseas

    Urban properties in Japan are cheaper in terms of unit balance of rent and price compared to other cities in advanced countries.
    [ Unit rent ] / [ Unit price ] 

  • Easy to buy

    Generally in Japan, it does not restrict foreigners from purchasing real estate, but rather encourages them to do so. The investment ratio of overseas investors in
    J-REIT is also increasing every year.

    • If you have a proxy, you don’t need to come to Japan to contract. Needless to say, you can also check a property and respond your questions online.
    • Loan consultation is also available. Interest rates
      on loans are very low even from a global perspective.
  • Properties we deal

    • Residence : Condominium unit and apartment building
    • Commercial : Office unit and building, shop
    • Others : Hotel, Land, Warehouse, Factory


STARTS provides “one-stop service”

Tokyo investment properties

Tokyo investment
properties- For client residing in USA

The client was looking for a property with more than 4% of NOI in the 5 central wards of Tokyo.

We have over 650 real estate brokerage branch stores mainly in Tokyo and three prefectures in the Kanto region. We will introduce a property which is suitable for you.

Selling properties

Selling properties- For HONG KONG client

The client was worried about follow-up after purchase.

We have wide experience in real-estate appraisal
and sales and a variety of potential buyers base in our network whether individual or corporate.

Property management

management - For CHINESE client

The client was worried about follow-up after purchase.

We follow up on Property Management through to sale. We are professionals with over 50 years of real estate experience in Japan.

Unique information gathering

Unique information
gathering - For TAIWANESE client

The client was considering investing in multiple cities in Japan.

The strength of STARTS group‘s capabilities, which includes not only Real Estate Information Network System (REINS), but also information on landlords from over 80 group companies.


Construction- For SINGAPOREAN corporation

They were looking for a land to construct their e-commerce's factory.

We also provide one-stop architectural consulting services for logistics warehouses. We build buildings for apartments, offices, shops and
e-commerce warehouses and so on.

Resort properties in Japan

Resort properties
in Japan- For KOREAN client

The client was looking for a second home in Niseko, Hokkaido, which boasts world–class snow quality.

We can also propose villa and condominium in resort area such as Niseko, Okinawa, etc. We STARTS have extensive network.


Procedure from buy to sell real
estate in Japan

  • 1



    Provide property information on all type, area, size, price, etc.

  • 2

    WEB inspection

    WEB inspection

    Property inspection is available online.

  • 3

    WEB Contract

    WEB Contract

    Contracts can be handled by proxy.

  • 4

    Management & Operation

    Management & Operation

    We look for tenant, repair support and take care of all of your property.

  • 5



    Proposal of appraisal value based on the market price.
    Sale activity report.



  • How much cost total of purchasing real estate in Japan?

    Approximate cost of various expenses for the purchase (contract and settlement) of real estate in Japan is around 6-10% of the property price.
    Miscellaneous expenses are incurred at 3 different times: real estate contract, settlement, after the purchase.

    The list of expenses is as follows.

    ■Expenses at the Contract

    Brokerage fee (3%+JPY60,000+10% tax)
    Stamp duty
    Deposit (10% or 20% of the property price)

    ■Expenses at the Settlement

    Remaining balance (= property price - deposit)
    Registration and license tax
    Remuneration for judicial scrivener
    Mortgage financing fee (In the case of mortgage use)
    Mortgage guarantee fee (In the case of mortgage use)
    Fire insurance premiums

    ■Expenses after the purchase

    Real estate acquisition tax (one-time payment)
    Fixed property tax(once every year)
    City planning tax(once every year)
    Management fee (every month)
    reserve fund for building repair (every month)
    Utility expenses

  • Is it possible for a non-resident foreigner to apply for a loan through a Japanese bank?

    There are some financial institutions might assist you, depending on your country of residence and asset background. Please contact us for a consultation.

  • Can a non-resident foreigner buy real estate in Japan?

    Yes, you can. There are no restrictions for non-resident foreigners to purchase real estate in Japan.

  • How can I entrust my property for the management after purchase?

    Whether you own a unit or a building, STARTS will arrange and support for property management and building management.

  • How do I pay taxes in Japan after acquisition of a property?

    We will refer you to partner accounting firms to pay taxes in Japan on your behalf.
    Fixed property tax and city planning tax will be paid to a municipality. Income tax will be filed for a final return with Japanese government.

  • What about tax support in my country?

    Your accounting firm in Japan will provide an annual report of income and expenses for you to submit in your country.

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