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What is Service Office?

Service Office is an office for 1 to 5 persons with a pre-installed interior,
furnished with ready-to-use office equipment, such as desks and chairs, and with utility bills such as electricity,
water, and internet bills all included in a subscription fee.
Plus, in your Service Office,there is a meeting/reception room to hold a meeting with your personnel from another workplace,
or to accommodate clients who pay you a visit for business conversations,
besides a printer/photocopier that you can share is available.
You can start working straight away tomorrow just grabbing your bag and laptop there.
Service Office is the best office to start your business easily with a minimum start-up cost.

Normal Office Service Office
Decoration after contract

(reception room/office/meeting room etc.)

Required Not required
Installation of telephone line and internet

You can optionally install a landline telephone (extra cost); internet cost is included in subscription fee.

Required Not required
Purchase of office furniture

(desks/chairs/shelves, etc.)

Installation is required Pre-installed
Utility bills
Electricity and water bills

(including a generator)

Installation is required Included in subscription fee
Cleaning in the office

(every day cleaning routine is packed in the services)

At the discretion of tenant Covered
Office layout

(flexible accommodation; minimum: 1 person)

A certain number of personnel is required Choice of layouts is available as per a number of personnel

This is recommended for companies such as:

  • ●Those looking for a good foothold for developing their businesses in the city
  • ●Teams with a small number of powerful staff/those who frequently travel overseas looking for a Yangon office
  • ●Old companies looking for a good foothold to start new businesses
  • ●Those who have set up a subsidiary company looking for a place to register as its address
  • ●Those looking for another office not as a satellite office/headquarters

Flexible support

STARTS Service Office benefits

Available 24hours/365days

Full security

1 telephone line is installed

Multi-use meeting room with a projector

Meeting room reception room/lounge as a public facility

Public printer / scanner / shredder available

Wi-Fi available

Mailbox service

Privilege to book a STARTS’ facility with a discount when you are back in japan

Service to find you an apartment in Yangon(extra cost)

Service to find you a lawyer / accountant / consultant for a specific need

Service to find you a translation company
Service Offices by STARTS

Detailed information on renting our office

Service Offices
Service Offices

You can rent your private office of any room size for one person and more according to your needs. Since your office is already decorated and equipped with furniture, you can start working in your office right after you have a contract with us. Since you just share a meeting room/reception room/multi-function printer with others, you can enjoy the services of your office with a low subscription fee.

Co-working space
Co-working space

This office space is not a private office but an open space you share with other subscribers. We offer you a co-working space where you can work any time as much as you want to. You can also subscribe to a long-term plan, if necessary. There is no limit to use a room you share. You can also use it briefly like when you urgently need to meet your visitor or need a meeting space.

Virtual office
Virtual office

When you just need an address to register as the location of your local subsidiary while you still don’t need an office to run your business there, we will provide you with an address. When you come to the office on your business trip, you can also use a desk for a fee of day plan, that is, a fee per day as long as you stay.

Share office
Share office

If you come to myanmar on your own and don’t plan to hire any local staff member, we designate an exclusive desk (attached with a side cabinet) for you to work on your projects in myanmar. You can use it anytime you want with no restrictions. We also offer you a special address with your desk number for you to register as your office.

Multi-use meeting/conference room
Multi-use meeting/conference room

We have two meeting/conference rooms of different room capacities (for 12 persons & 10 persons.) In February 2022, we introduced web-meeting booths where you can focus on your meetings with your personnel in other branches or the headquarters. Free reception rooms are also renovated so that you can meet your visitors stress-free.

Refresh room
Refresh room

There is a refresh room in a public space of the office. You can have a break or chat with other tenants to exchange information with free drinks available there.

Subscription fees and plans

Monthly subscription fees

You can choose from 4 office plans of STARTS Service Office according to your purpose, a number of your personnel and your business type.
Contact us to learn more about our services.


$ 1,000 USD~


$ 500 USD~


$ 20 USD


$ 60 USD


$ 200 USD


$ 5 USD/Hour


$ 200 USD~


We also have offices for 2-3, for 4-5 and 5-6 persons.Contact us to learn more.The above is yearly subscription fees. Monthly plans are also available.Quotes are available when you visit us.Thank you for your interest.

Contact us now, Myanmar Starts

Myanmar Starts Corporate Services Co., Ltd.

You can choose your way of using your office with the best price that will satisfy your expectations.

How to make a contract with us

You can make a contract and start using your STARTS Service Office so simply. Visit us to see it with your own eyes.

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Your information

Managing Director:
志田 健悟(Kengo Shida)


Assistant Manager:
Aye Thandar Naing(礼)



4th Fl. YUZANA Hotel 130

Shwe Gon Taing Road,

Bahan township, Yangon,


Company name

Myanmar Starts
Corporate Services Co., Ltd.

Plan view


There are 30 rooms in total with different capacities from for 1 person to for 6 persons.
They are moderately ample spaces and you can store your items there.

The entrance of each office has a security door to keep you from anxiousness.

And there are a comfortable lounge as a public facility, a reception room where you can talk about business with your valuable clients,
middle and large-sized meeting rooms, a printer and a shredder in the center, free drinks such as coffee in a refresh room,
and a TV monitor that you can enjoy watching during a break.